Dr. Rachel is a practising doctor in London. She focuses on lifestyle medicine, specifically mental wellbeing and resilience. 

She is involved in health-tech start-ups, using technology to assist in aspects of healthcare for today's 'on-demand' society.


Dr. Rachel writes in the popular press on various areas of medicine, healthcare and wellness.

She is an award winning author - voted the British Medical Association's Young Author of the Year, 2016 - for her books on improving healthcare. READ MORE...


Dr. Rachel speaks on innovation and technology in healthcare, highlighting the importance of mental health and wellbeing. She delivers insight as a doctor, and as an innovator.

She has spoken at many Schools and Institutions such Oxford University, The British Medical Association, National Geographic Traveller Festival 2017, The Royal Society of Medicine on areas ranging from health innovation to wellness. Listen to a podcast where she is interviewed HEREREAD MORE...

Upcoming events include speaking at Giant Health, Eurekadoc Imperial College, Kings College London.